Better, smarter, energy-efficient houses, buildings and industrial environments. This requires the know-how of professional installers. And they visit VSK, The trade show for heating, plumbing, climate control and refrigeration technology..

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Visitor Target groups

VSK is aimed at anyone who is involved in the design, installation, consultancy and maintenance of mechanical installations, whether in a residential, commercial or industrial setting. The focus is on heat, gas, refrigeration, air and zone automation.

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Decision Maker decisions

Photo impression

List of Exhibitors

The list of exhibitors for VSK 2018 is online. An overview can be found by clicking the link below.

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The exhibition program focuses on:

  • Thermal installations 
  • Heat, moisture and cold recovery
  • Energy management & distribution
  • Heat storage and transport
  • Interchangeable components
  • Water-efficient sanitary fittings

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10 reasons to participate

1. You want to get into contact with decision makers who are interested in installation-related solutions. 
2. You are looking for new customers. 
3. You want to meet up with existing business contacts.
4. You want to increase your brand awareness.
5. You see opportunities in cooperations with other businesses in your branch.

6. You want to share your knowledge with professionals from the branch.
7. You want to improve your yield efficiently.
8. You're an innovative company and looking for a perfect platform with maximum exposure.
9. You want a fully quantifiable marketing campaign, fitting in with your targets.
10. An optimal ROI is more important for you than ever before.